Do you want a sure fire way to influence the scientists and practitioners of tomorrow?

Do you want to get into education or other scientific industry areas NOW?

Kent and Essex Police 2018/19

We can help with a sponsorship package for the WorldSkills UK Forensic Science competition.

Situated in the Engineering and Technology section of the WorldSkills UK platform this is a chance to influence and make your brand the authority in science.

Validate ID – sponsor 2016

Sponsorship of this competition is bespoke for each and every client.

We require assistance with costs and equipment, judges, advisers and travel.

You can help with equipment for us to use, to keep or return to you.

You can help with a vehicle to help transport costs or financially so we can pay for accommodation across the UK for our team and the judges and also for consumables.

You can also help if you have equipment going out of date. We can still use it if it is just a date that has run out. Please don’t throw it away.

Fumecare – sponsor 2017

In return …

your logo will be on everything we send out. It will feature on banners at the heats and finals (over 80000 visitors annually).

Your equipment will be in the hands of future scientists and leaders of industry. Once you are trained and have fun with equipment your loyalty starts to build and you never forget it.

How do you sponsor the competition?

Just get in touch using the button below.