Complete Forensics C.I.C. deliver the WorldSkills UK forensic science competition which is entering its eighth year.

We have seen over 250 competitors from across the UK compete to find the very best Forensic Science student (or early practitioner) be rewarded with the coveted Gold WorldSkills UK Medal in front of over 380000 people at the National Skills Shows

This year the competition is set to be bigger and better.

We currently have 7 hosts for the heats in 2020 where young people can come together and take part in this prestigious competition.

The only one of its kind in the world presently (although moves are in place to change that) and a shining rose on any CV for people looking for jobs in the science industry.

A host will need to offer the following:

  • Date between 16nd April and 1 July 2020
  • Timings will be between 0800 to 1900
  • Up to 4 Scenes (we will set them up with the required elements)
  • Laboratory (equipment to be supplied by Complete Forensics)
  • Admin/Judges room
  • Student waiting area before competition
  • Student waiting are for completed competition delegates
  • Lunch for up to 40 people (competitors, judges)
  • And why not turn it into an open day for your next intakes of students?

What you gain

  • Exposure to other organisations, colleges, and schools. The ability to showcase your inclusion and ability to host prestigious events
  • Access to students from colleges and other streams you may not already have access to.
  • The ability to showcase your own science delivery and provision
  • And the ability to help showcase science skills and meet employers within the industry.
  • There is no financial cost to be a host other than the requirements above.