Why should I get involved?

WorldSkills UK Competitions deliver a number of qualities that students might need to emphasise and demonstrate before they move into the workplace. Once demonstrated these can be highlighted on a CV and the employer, or prospective employer, will know that the person applying for the role will have been tested under extreme pressure in areas of employability as well as industry standard skills common to the forensic science workplace.The job description below outlines the requirements for a role offered in July 2016. The role is an apprenticeship and as you can see an employee does not need to have a degree, nor A Levels. In fact, the basic qualifications asked for are 5 GCSE’s in Grade C or above.

What is important for this employer is the ability for new starters to understand how the company works. To be able to manage their time and be a strong team player, although the ability to work on your own is often a required point as well.

Have a look through the requirements and see how they can be evidenced to an employer. Then look hard at the WorldSkills UK competition and realise this is a completely free way to achieve and evidence those skills on a National level.

Your school, college or university will provide the leaning and knowledge but many teach without any idea of the actual industry. Our competition is open to anyone in college and university. Registration opens on 1 March each year and closes on the 7 April.

The first step you have to take is to register. From then on hang on for the ride and excel now to improve your employability later.

Time to up your game and show (for free) that you are the best in the UK.

The WorldSkills UK Forensic Science competition is free to enter*
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* There is an administration charge if you register for the WorldSkills UK competition and do not turn up at the heat without informing someone from our team. The same charge can apply if you withdraw within five days of the competition heat date without a good reason. To withdraw (which is a free process) please see the terms and conditions or ring Complete Forensics. Do not rely on your lecturer to inform us.