What A Joke This Place Is……..

He walks in with his ten day beard and asks how I am. This is the replacement for Fat Git One!

I say “Fine thank you”

He asks what is happening I say “C” has asked me to run a two day refresher course for some people in a certain discipline.

“How do you feel about that”, he asks.

“Not good” I answer

A quizzical look comes over his face as he asks why?

“Well would you be happy if you had been sacked?”, I ask him….

“That’s not what was said”, he defends, “Yes it was” I retort.

He says, ”Dave (the knob) didn’t say that.” I say, “Oh yes, you were there weren’t you?” sarcastically

I followed up with “He told me my contract was NOT being renewed. He would TRY, but could NOT promise, to get me one month contracts till January. He also said to me that the six original members have got contracts – Clive, Tim, Tubbsie, Andy B, Robin and one other who I can’t think of. Now not all of those are in jobs that they NEED to stay for the success of this mission, are they? and that no one who has been here over four years would get a contract renewal, except for those six obviously who are his friends…”

“But you don’t help yourself”, he comes back with.

I asked’ “What do you mean by that?”

“Well everyone knows, I didn’t tell them, and Dave didn’t tell them,”

I reply, “No I told them because he tried his bully boy tactics again and I am not going to lie to people or take his bullying. Why should I not tell anyone? Am I supposed to just fly off and never be seen again?”

“Well we can’t talk now”’ (A colleague had walked into the room), “We can chat later”, he says and walks off (or should I say, slithers off).

Yet again my chest is tight. I have a horrible feeling in my stomach and I really don’t want to be here.

Would you?

As a side issue, If he was told in a phone call right after I was told… that’s three weeks ago and the SPINLESS GIT has not even picked up the phone or anything.

I have now taken my Dictaphone out of my pocket and will record everything else that is said today.

I am so very fed up with the games these people are playing here.

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