Well that lesson in evidence recovery worked then…..

I have highlighted this because it is a very simple thing to do.

When you package your evidence please seal it in tamperproof evidence packaging.

You think that the only evidence you need is the physical items?

Well? Do You?

It’s not though is it?

Have a look at this report and picture from todays Guardian newspaper and we can discuss it after…

Trini duo in court on Tobago drug charge

The cocaine which police claimed they seized at an apartment in Tobago. Photo: Casandra Thompson.

A Trinidadian couple appeared in the Scarborough Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. Marlon Moraldo, 33, of Mt Lambert Circular Road,  Mt Lambert, and Lavern Mathews, 38, of Jacuaranda Drive,  La Horquetta, stood before Magistrate Annette Mc Kenzie. They pleaded not guilty.

The prosecution claimed the police executed a search warrant at an apartment at Crown Point, Tobago, and found 604.2 grammes of cocaine and $1,431 in the apartment. The estimated street value of the cocaine was put at $250,000. They were represented by attorney Lennox Phillip. They were remanded in custody pending tracing.

OK… the exhibits are not protected at all, they are now contaminated and once they go to court the defence could argue that they are not from the suspect.

What proof is there? DNA? Fingerprints? mechanical fit of the bags?, cell phone analysis and DNA of the phones? All lost because they (the Police) have displayed them to the media.

People who have NO RIGHT to view or be in the same room as these exhibits.

Their hairs and fibers from their cloths, their breath and DNA could all have contaminated these exhibits.

So to the duo in this case, get your defence lawyer to call me. The mistakes of the Police will haunt them.

Now I am not doing this to make anyone out to be bad BUT the Police MUST learn that they are not GOD. Especially in a country which is saying it will soon resume hangings.

Justice for all in equal measures… if you are guilty you should face justice, if you are innocent, you deserve a FAIR trial…

And lets face it, The police have been on courses and had enough training and assistance to know they should not be displaying evidence in this manner ever!

Original Article [Guardian]

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