Well, how pleased am I…?

After fighting for what seems like ages to be recognised and for people to understand what I am trying to achieve a huge weight has been lifted this week.

Some people have stuck with me through thick and thin, Sue, Philip and Adam to name but three.

I must thank them from the bottom of my heart because we would not be where we are today without them.

Obviously my family, well thanks will never be enough for them, they deserve so much more, and it will be delivered.

I had a meeting last week with Staffs Uni and this week with the Chartered Society of Forensic Scientists, and both have signed up to most of the plans I have.


Next week we meet the Member of Parliament for Preston Mark Hendrick and I am sure UCLan will have a few ideas of how we can work together too. At this same meeting will be Dr Hunt the CEO of the Society… sorry Chartered Society and I am sure this will really help push what I am doing.

WorldSkills UK is a fantastic competition and I want it to go worldwide.

So if you are in another country and want to get in on this act I am available for consultations.


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