Want to teach in a Uni?

Huddersfield University in the UK is looking for an experienced PhD holder as a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Forensic and Analytical Science.

The Application closing date is 29/07/2019 with a salary of Grade 7 £34,506 – £38,813 per annum or Grade 8 £39,974 – £50,596 per annum

Personally I would love to see practitioners in these types of roles who have only a Masters or a BSc because then the courses of our education institutions might mirror what is happening in the workplace rather than just the top level academic side of life, but we live in hope.

Anyway when you click apply on this job you have to be ready to try different things because it is run from a stupid web app which does not show in many browsers. In fact I have used it in Chrome, Edge, Edge Dev, Internet Explorer and Samsung Browser, the only one it worked in… Yep Samsung Browser and not many of us use that!
Don’t give up though, try work arounds and if not send them an email or ring them.

I have a couple of images here to show what the app says and you need to try and get to it from the University of Huddersfield web site here.

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