Using Photoshop in Forensic Photography

When we are editing images, digital images, for use in the court it is very important to remember the levels of adjustment you may have made.

Remember we do not change images we only enhance them.

When we get to court it is important that you have a history of how you enhanced the image should there be a challenge but other than writing the full details out how can the court check you did actually use that workflow?

Photoshop’s History Log is a great feature to turn on if you want to keep a text record of every single step you have made to your image.

  • Click Ctrl + K (Mac: Command + K) to bring up the Preferences panel.
  • In the General tab check the History Log and the Text File box, and choose a location to save the file (name it for easy reference later on).

Now when you work on your image Photoshop will record every step you take. If you ever want to apply the same steps to another image, just locate the text file and review.

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