a very quick update for you on this years registrations for WorldSkills UK.

three hours and 7 minutes until the registration closes we have Sixty One
(61) registrations

four of those are returning competitors! Huge news that shows young people want
to compete and do well in this competition!

7 heats all over the UK we are going to be busy but the competition really is
gathering pace and showing the industry that it provides huge advantages to the
skills young people gain.

much so that not only have we managed to attract brilliant equipment
sponsorship from Grants Scientific Equipment Ltd but we can also let you know today
that Orchid Cellmark under their Forensic brand will be providing equipment and
people to help the competition. This is through our new lead Judge Laura Cregg
who has shown the value that the competition provides. As such (and as many
other competitions already do) Cellmark will look very closely at the
competitors. This in turn means that competing to these high standards may have
a positive impact on their recruitment process.

you all so much for what you have given, what you are giving and doing for this
brilliant inspiring event.

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