Complete Forensics are partnering with the Institute of Apprenticeships to design and build an apprenticeship in Crime Scene Investigation.

We are looking for a group of leaders in the industry to help us ensure the apprenticeship gains the most inspiring and knowledgeable leaders to design it.

There is no remuneration for this role and is a supplemental post to your normal workload.

The involvement will be one conference call / meeting per month for about 8 months (initially).

The idea of the group is to identify the need and requirements, skills and knowledge crime scene investigators require then formulate those into learning experiences as an apprenticeship route.

The trail blazers group will consist of employers mainly, with the addition of up to three training organisations as they will need to be able to say what can and cannot be delivered as well as providing costings later in the proposal cycle.

A requirement from the group would be one meeting / tele conference each month.

No cost to any member organisation or individual

Participants will be able to influence the learning and development of the standards required for the implementation of this apprenticeship, leading to greater benefits for employers as well as learners.

To join the group please email with your current role and contact details.

We are only looking for up to 12 senior leaders with the maximum of three education providers for this project.