This is why we do it…

This is an email from our silver medal winner in 2014, Charlotte Kolasa-Huck. I thought it was a lovely inspirational write up that I am honoured to share it with you all.And this is why we, the organisers, administrators and judges, do it.

First off I would like to say thank you to everyone involved in the competition I cannot express how honoured I am to have been a part of 2014 with you all. Now back to why I have emailed.

I decided to take part in the forensic competition purely because I believe in taking opportunities that will enhance your learning and what better an opportunity in forensics than the ability to practise it?

What I especially liked about the competition is the fact you learn abilities and skills that aren’t touched upon in a learning facility. It is more realistic and gives you the opportunity to work with those with experience within your area of field, which for me was very inspiring. 

Being taught a different mind-set. Being presented with different scenarios and nurturing both strengths and weakness’. 
In terms of how the competition would help your progress in industry, I could go on endless, I know sometimes people are unsure of what area of the forensic world they would like to enter, and I know the competition would help you clarify that decision for yourself. This competition is not just about crime scenes and evidence, it’s the paper work, the hard work, and the lab work behind it. This competition tests your abilities from every angle and that’s the beauty of it! You learn about yourself and your work and what better gift in life is there than learning about what you can achieve under the pressure of the highs and the lows. 

I cannot express how highly I would recommend it, if I could of I would have entered and re-entered every year I was studying forensics! The competition gave me more confidence in myself but more importantly inspired me to go further in my field of forensics and for some day to make a difference. 

Learning about industry isn’t always possible from a classroom so why not learn with Complete Forensics!

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