These cowardly attacks in Oslo and Utøya (RIP) have again shown the world that we are not safe.

taken by Alexander Nørstad

Oslo Bombings 2011

It is time to increase the level of security we all have by realising that we have helped these idiots with their task by allowing our sense of decency to give them human rights!

i am NOT asking the whole world to pick up arms and come out fighting but if we all stop worrying about our privacy so much and allow a little bit more security into our lives, at the airports and seaports especially, we might be able to help stop these terrible events taking place.

I am also not asking that their basic human rights are taken away but we all must accept that to keep us safe our elected officials and those trusted agencies must be allowed to do their jobs without fear of recrimination because some old man has had his picture taken with a camera that can look through clothes, or someone accused of planning an atrocity such as happened today is detained for three days too long. He/She did NOT think about that attacking a YOUTH CAMP… or blowing up a street with people going about their daily business.

This sort of attitude is M.A.D.

These attacks have also indicated that ANYONE is a target. ANYWHERE. So those in the “Safe” countries please look at your security*.
Do not think that you have no troops in Afghanistan or Libya so you are not a target, we all are and we must help each other to stop these groups destroying our lives.

There are products that can help with the privacy issues we have, but mostly there are people and products that can help increase our safety without making us prisoners in our own homes.

RIP those lost on this black day and speedy recovery to the injured. Our thoughts are with you all.

They shall not grow old as we grow old….


*For official representatives of countries that need a national security upgrade please contact me.

We can help and are already doing so around the world in new ways that are inspiring, confidential and unique.

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