The week after…

Well, after a very hectic week at the NEC we have come back down to Earth with a bang. Well that’s what the car did on Thursday morning anyway.

Assessing and analysing all that occurred last week and capitalising on it is very hard when you are working mainly on your tod.

But it’s not a job for the foolhardy (or is it?) so I set about checking the results, and paperwork of all the competitors. Ensuring I have the details of all the finalists, creating an alumni for the finalists which is exclusive and will hopefully over the years grow into a powerful group of young people.

I must say that working with everyone at the Skills Show has inspired me. From the competitors through to the wonderful judges and the team working very hard behind the scenes. They really did make a good event great.

We have been contacted by universities and colleges wishing to compete next yea. We have been contacted by scientists and lecturers wishing to lend their hand with judging next year, it’s all good.

Obviously there will be some changes but these should all be for the better. I really cannot wait to see the visitor numbers (released 5 Dec) because we had people six deep watching and talking to our competition team. Next year (mental note) we will have more specialist interpreters who can explain the competition but also point people in the right direction to become educated in Forensic Science.

Want to join us for next year?
In addition to competitors and judges we are looking for sponsorship from the right brands.

If you would like to add your details as an expert judge or would like to add your school or college to our prospective database of Forensic Science competitors please fill in this form today…..

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