The office

Other started out as many other days do. Cold, get dressed and put the boiler on (i must set the timer). Let the dogs out then make a brew while the house warms up.

The little one gets herself up these days but has had to be woken this week. I wonder if it is because of late nights now her computer is fixed?
Anyway, brew drunk, house warmed and dogs back on their beds means its time to take the little lady to school. Her two friends arrive and off we go, that inane fifteen mint journey in the morning that clog up the roads in most developed countries. The school run.

Its a nice day thankfully with no ice or rain so the only real problem are those drivers who are not awake yet. They have not had their morning coffee and some are still in their pj’s…
Still the journey is concluded without incident again.

And so it starts with work. The telephone starts ringing and emails start flying back and forth.


have you have this in stock?” “Can you run a course for us?”

Of course both questions are answered politely and arrangements are made bit at the same time i am putting up curtain rods, reading cv’s and drilling holes in walls…

Yes the work from home job is the pits. You can not get on with work and when you are not working you can no put it down… The family lose too many times and the work suffers.

Answer… Get the office sorted asap. When you are home try and act like it. That’s hard to do when you are the boss of a one man band. Thankfully there are those that you can rely on. They can see when you are trying to do too many things and often help just by calming you down. They are a god send.

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