The Forensic Engineer

Why do people always say “There are no jobs in forensics”?

Because they have no idea that there is a whole world outside of criminal forensics that needs the same merticulas qualities in a person.

So what is a forensic engineer?

Why do products fail and who finds out why? In this free course, Introduction to forensic engineering, we enter the complex world of forensic engineering and examine how scientists analyse product failure. From investigating a ladder accident to determining the reasons behind the failures in medical products, you will understand how the truth can be established.

How do you know if this is for you?

A really good (and free ) place to start is the OU where you can start to learn in 20 hours with the following learning outcomes:

  • analyse the cause of failures in polymer products
  • recognise safety-critical polymer components in products
  • describe different failure modes, using conceptual and engineering diagrams, such as fault-tree analysis diagrams
  • distinguish between non-specification features and defects in polymer products. Suggest ways of reducing the effects of defects
  • extract key information from standards, specifications, codes of practice, or technical literature and apply that information to product failures.
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