The Evening Standard story – Killer Jeremy Bamber: Phone logs will clear my name

here is another story… this time a piece of evidence allegedly is going to clear a killer… why was this not included in his original defence? leave a comment if you want

“Killer Jeremy Bamber: Phone logs will clear my name”

Mass killer Jeremy Bamber spoke today of his confidence that his conviction for murdering five relatives would be overturned thanks to new evidence against his sister.

The notorious inmate, serving a whole life term for the 1985 killings, claims schizophrenic Sheila Caffell shot her family before turning the gun on herself.

In extracts from a letter published in the Daily Mirror, Bamber says: “We now have evidence to directly link Sheila in a struggle with my dad in the kitchen, a clear forensic link that is compelling to say the least.

“Sheila’s psychiatry files were not released to us. So building a case against Sheila has not been easy but we have pretty much done so.”

Bamber has been behind bars for nearly 25 years for shooting his wealthy adopted parents June and Nevill, Sheila – nicknamed Bambi – and her six-year-old twin sons Daniel and Nicholas at their farmhouse in Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Essex.

He claims to have unearthed new evidence in the shape of a police phone log that suggests Nevill called police on the night of the massacre, saying his daughter had “gone berserk” and “got hold of one of my guns”.

In his letter, Bamber says: “No doubt when my conviction is overturned a public inquiry of some sort will get access to this material and prove without doubt that Sheila was responsible.”

He goes on to talk about what he will do when released from prison.

“Twenty-five years have passed since I came to prison – the outside world is very different and of course, so am I,” he says.

“It’ll take me some time to learn about all the new things and think about what I might like to do.

“If a little money comes my way, buying a small farm would perhaps be fulfilling a dream but who knows what opportunities will come my way, or if my inheritance will be returned.”

The prosecution at his trial said he had carried out the murders out of greed, hoping to inherit a £500,000 fortune.

Bamber, 49, also talks of his regret at not understanding his sister’s condition before she died.

“With sadness now, as I have lived with many people with schizophrenia and so don’t blame Sheila any more – if anything I feel guilty for not understanding about her condition and helping her more.”

A message on his website last month said the Criminal Cases Review Commission was “reviewing a wealth of new evidence which must surely see Jeremy’s case being referred back to the Court of Appeal”.

Last year he lost a Court of Appeal challenge against the order that he must die behind bars.

He has twice lost appeals against conviction.

Essex Police was unable to comment on the fresh evidence claim.


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