We are developing a remote activity for primary schools (5-11 year olds) and need your help! This activity will take you 5 minutes and can be completed right now! Please email completed activities to: gary@completeforensics.org

We are looking for a photo/ picture of 5+ of the following questions:
– What general field do you work in?
– What do you wear to work?
– What equipment do you use at work?
– What do you do in your day to day role?
– What does your work environment look like?
– What is the best part of your job?
– What skills do you need in your job?
– A picture of a famous person in your field.
– What do you like doing in your spare time?
– What interests you?
– A wildcard photo!

If you are taking pictures from the internet please make sure that you are able to use the photos and don’t require any permission (you could use a free image bank such as: https://pixabay.com/)

How the activity will work:
1. You send us 5+ pictures about you and your job.
2. Pupils are given your pictures and then have to work out what you do and what interests you.
3. The teacher then emails you with the pupil’s hypotheses.
4. You reply to the teacher’s email (ASAP) with a response to the pupils – either confirming or correcting their ideas. (This could be done as a video to be shown in class or via a Skype call).
5. The teacher shares your responses with the class and the pupils can then create further questions to ask you about your job role which you answer.

Alternative options:
1. Take 3-5 pictures of you completing different tasks of you at work. These should include some clues about your job but nothing too obvious (eg. Not you standing next to a sign that says ‘Engineers’ if you are an engineer!)
2. Take a series of photos (maximum of 10) of your day. These should include common things we all do as part of our day (eg. Getting up, going to work, having lunch) as well as you doing different tasks at work. This activity is designed for 5-7 year olds so we would also like a rough timing of when you do these activities during your day.