Still time to register…

There is still lots of time to get signed up for this years WorldSkills UK Forensic Science competition which this year will be online.

This means ALL our competitors are doing the activities at the same time and there is scope for some impressive scores to be had.

But we have got 34 registered competitors so far.

As you can see from the image below we have a healthy list from Wales BUT WHERE IS EVERYONE ELSE?

There is no travelling this year, there is no worry that the scary blokes from Complete Forensics will be visiting, and loads of scope for cheating (we hope you dont as your integrity in forensic science is one of the most important things we hold. Destroying it at the very first hurdle would not be a great idea at all. So please don’t cheat.

Anyway, please help get the message out there, get your friends and peers to sign up, it is free after all and whats a little online work to get access to the greatest science competition there is around!

By entering our competition you can:

– Dramatically boost your skills, confidence and performance
– Demonstrate your potential to current and future employers
– Benchmark your skills against others in your field
– Get access to invaluable training from world-class experts
– Develop a stronger CV

COME ON SIGN UP … #WorldSkillsUKLIVE #SKILLS #LIVE #CSI #Forensicscience

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