Staffordshire Police Forensic Coordinator Role

Grade G – £31,875 – £ 37,440

Staffordshire Police is continually striving to deliver the best possible service for the county’s residents, businesses and visitors. It is a fast-paced organisation, adaptive to modern policing needs and open to continual improvement.

Forensic science is used to support the investigation of crime. It can be used to provide evidence to support or refute an allegation, a version of events, and a person’s involvement in an offence. The Forensics Department is committed to providing quality, objective, timely and effective forensic services to inform investigations, identify offenders, safeguard victims and witnesses, and streamline justice through good and early case management. This is achieved by:

  • Designing and delivering effective forensic strategies for each and every case that we are involved in
  • Delivering all forensic examinations using recognised, validated and robust techniques
  • Maintaining qualifications and competence to deliver techniques
  • Maintaining and following documented procedures that reflect best and validated practice
  • Being committed to and complying with the ISO/IEC 17025, 17020 and the Forensic Science Regulator’s Codes of Practice and Conduct

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