Rumpole of the Bailey – Live

Reports today are full of the news that Her Majesty HRH Queen Elisabeth will announce (officially) that television cameras are to be allowed in the courts of England and Wales.

This overturns two existing laws of the country requiring an Act of Parliament before it can go ahead.

TV Sat Link Van outside Liverpool Crown Court

The rules I have seen indicate that the cameras will only be allowed to film a judge’s summing up – his outline of the prosecution and defence cases, and the legal points the jury must consider. They would also hear the sentence passed and the judge’s explanation for why that punishment had been chosen.

What’s your thoughts? Do these measures go far enough?

Do they go too far? Will people be vilified live on television or will these steps start leading to sponsorship in the courts?

Specsavers and Wig manufacturers are already lining up to sponsor the Judges (not really…)

Have your say in the comments below and read the article here.

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