Realistic Training

Realistic Training

The image above is a dummy. It is NOT real.
It is used to ensure the training given to our law enforcement and forensic experts is of a quality that will enable them to deal with real scenes of crime to the best of their ability.

Ensuring all evidence is captured and packaged correctly, Reducing cross contamination and ensuring the court learns the true scientific findings to show what happened at the scene.

Placing people in the scene (or not as the case may be) ensuing items that are missing or have been introduced are identified and the actions of parties present at the time of the incident are identified.

Is this going too far? Are the officers who have to deal with such traumatic events such as murder and death seeing too much because their training has introduced them to realistic scenes too soon? When they eventually attend scenes it has become so like the training the officers are unable to differentiate between them? Does it matter?

I for one really do see the need of realistic training but also there has to be a way of ensuring our officers are kept at their best especially with their mental health.

My question to you is this…. Does training have to be this realistic?

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