Complete Forensics deliver forensic module sessions for students taking part in public services courses and have a history of provision based over five years.

The courses include specialist delivery of forensic crime scene knowledge, scene management and forensic awareness. Enabling course participants to be assessed on the Forensic Module.


Students will demonstrate a brief history of forensics. Students will explain the definition of a crime scene, demonstrate first responder actions to protect evidence at scenes of crime and justify forensic awareness while recovering evidence.


  • define a scene of crime.
  • demonstrate the actions required at scenes of crime to protect and recover best evidence.
  • justify forensic awareness while recovering evidence for an investigation.


Theory of crime scene science, including:

  • History of forensic science
  • What is a crime scene, crime scene searching techniques, evidence recovery theory.
  • Cordons, logs, photography, exhibit numbering and timings.

Hands on practical lessons to demonstrate the processes used by first responders to protect crime scenes and evidence while serving the criminal justice systems in the UK.

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