Privatisation of law enforcement, good or bad?

Privatisation of law enforcement, good or bad?

So for those who do not know there are a number of Policing agencies around the country trying to save money by employing outside organisations to deliver their forensic work which used to be carried out by serving officers and civilian staff.

This includes crime scene officers, fingerprint experts and digital experts.

But the issue is these things never run to a plan.

Like a battle no plan lasts pasts the first encounter with an enemy and in forensics this is always the case. Yes always…

So Lincolnshire Police have had G4S running their CSI’s since before 2009 and possibly a lot longer before.

The West Midlands and others were meant to use this company until the cock up at the Olympics where they could just not deliver (not that i could on that scale).

Lastly we have the “South West Forensic Services” an agency delivering forensic science for a number of Police forces in the southwest of England.

It was reported back a while ago about fingerprint cases being delayed and now we know that there are over 830 cases where the fingerprint evidence is delaying justice. But we have alsu just learned that their digital services are also facing huge backlogs, and (I have seen this first hand in previous employ) the backlog will get bigger…

They are reporting that the have 32 computer cases and 73 phone cases still waiting to be allocated due to staff shortages and cost.

How can this be good for justice?

Its not, thats the real answer and without investment from others including the Home Office we are going to face more and more issues with our forensic market.

I wonder what the numbers are like for other forces? I wonder if GMP, Merseyside or Kent have backlogs and if not how are they dealing with it?

They (as far as I am aware at time of writing) are all still in house provided services with the exception of some digital work I would think?

As for Transforming Forensics – Well it appears to be transforming into a cluster#*%$

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