Not Guilty? – A plea from a madman

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Well the suspect (Anders Behring Breivik) has appeared in court and pleads “not guilty” to the murders he committed at the end of last week in Norway.

How strange when all the indications we had at the weekend were that he confessed and held his hands up to carrying out these pathetic murderous attacks.

Obviously the evidence is stacked against him.

Eye witnesses will be lined up to give their evidence in court and forensic evidence will also be linked from the bullets, through to the weapons, and any footwear marks, blood splatter and other trace evidence on him, his victims and the vehicles. There will also be lots of evidence at his home and online as we know how important that medium is these days.

The bomb will be a mass of evidence the authorities will have to look through and this will take time, although a rush will be placed on it, a complete examination will still take a number of weeks to complete. All this and he pleads “Not Guilty”… Why?

I think he believes he has a cause. He believes he did these insane acts out of some righteousness…

I don’t, I think he is quite mad and should not be allowed a public trial.

His acts have not given the people of Norway anything to stand up and shout about has it?

Why should he have that chance? Standing in the court dock telling the world what he believes in… and the world will be watching.

We all need to bow our heads and say a prayer but we also need to stand tall and say to those who will now want to use this against us, that “We do NOT accept he did this for us“, and “We do NOT accept his moral codes or beliefs“.

He should be incarcerated or even killed by the hangman for what he has done. In fact, ANYONE doing the same type of thing should be punished, no matter what section of society they are from.

This is NOT about them and us…it’s about right and wrong.

What side are you on?


NOTE* – He now said he has accomplices and there are other cells committed to his cause. Please be careful wherever you are.

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