New Method Analyzes Gunshot Residue


University at Albany researchers have developed a method to determine the caliber and type of weapon used in a crime by analyzing gunshot residue (GSR). Using near-infrared (NIR) Raman microspectroscopy and advanced statistics, the new technique may play a pivotal role in law enforcement cases and forensic investigations. The research was highlighted in a recent issue of Analytical Chemistry.

Gunshot residue comprises particles from the parts of the ammunition and firearm that explode or reside near points of explosion including the primer, propellant, and tiny particles of the cartridge case and gun itself. Since residue can be recovered from several locations in the crime scene, it may be utilized for both physical and chemical evidence: GSR establishes that the shooting took place and a person participated in the shooting.

What do you think? Is this use of GSR as scientific and reliable as other identification using GSR (Barry George Alleged Murder Case springs to mind) or is it more or less relieble? Is it based on scientific facts or a scientists opinion?

Read more here then come back and tell us what you think….

[University at Albany]


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