Mad or what? Can't anyone say yes or no?

OK I had reason to ask for a day off today.

Not hard really is it?
Picked up the phone and spoke to the guy who says he is the boss… “Can i have a day off next week, I forgot I have something important to do?”…
“Well you had better speak to your line manager who is under me”…
“OK I will do that”
Telephone Line manager instead…
“Can I have a day off for such and such?”
“Ohh you had better ask the man who is really in charge but has not been doing the job very long, in fact we were brought here to show him what to do, and lift the Country out of the 20th century… but he is in charge so we must do as he says and all carry on working as they did in the dark ages”.
So i ring the local guy…”Can i get a day off for …”
“Well, im not sure, there are only six people in and i dont know if I can cover it…”
some umming and arring…
“OK no problems”

What a load of old tosh!
We were brought out here for a reason.
That reason was that the local crime fighters could not do the job they were getting paid for. For whatever reason… (Corruption is my guess). Anyway, we are not allowed to work the practices we have been brought over here to do so the boys end up out on the piss and frustrated instead… Its no bloody wonder is it?

If only the laws were made that were promised four years ago.
This country could have been saved but instead we have to go around, not treading on toes and worrying that one wrong word will get us sent home!
What a load of old TOSH!!!

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