Looking for a job in Forensics or Law Enforcement in the Caribbean?

A friend of mine is looking for people who can service the Caribbean region with him in respect of forensic science.

If you have qualifications and or experience please get in touch with me and I will pass your CV onto him.

It matters not where you come from, or how long it will take to get you here he needs to know who can work and is willing to work.

So If you are a Forensic Scientist, a Crime Scene Investigator, a Police Officer (serving or retired), or any other specialist in the Law Enforcement industry please get in touch.

If you are serving and you want to do some extra work dont worry. Not all of the work will be in your country, you will be sent elsewhere so as not to conflict with anything you do in your own work place.

If you want more details look here

CariCom Forensics

and here

CariCom Policing Solutions

So if you want some extra work, or are retired and want to keep busy while using your greatest assets please get in touch with me so I can pass it on or through the websites (dont forget to tell them where you found out about them, It might get some renumeration lol).

Keep smiling 🙂

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