Our famous discovery workshops can be held for small or larger groups of young people.

Fitting into your curriculum and helping inspire learners with everyday science used in criminal investigations these workshops can be 20 minutes long for careers events or time tabled to be delivered across the day.

UV Light on glass after it has been in dishwasher!

Discovery Light – explores colour and light and how it is used in criminal investigations.

How are shadows formed?

How do things glow in the dark?

We use many different sources of natural, chemical, UV and electrical light to show the spectrum of colour and beyond.

Our use of light shows evidence that you need to see to believe!

Using High Intensity Light Sources can be dangerous and should be carried out in a controlled environment

Fingerprint on till receipt (thermal paper)

Discovery Fingerprints – What is a fingerprint?

Where do they come from and how do we use them during investigations?

How are classifications made?

And why?

What skills should I have to be a fingerprint expert?

These are just some of the questions you will have answers for during this exciting workshop.

Bodies in a box

Exhumation Discovery – Where are the bones buried?

Why are they buried?

What type of bones are they?

Some of the exciting questions from this innovative hands on workshop that helps the participants understand the anatomy of a body and the decomposition of substances.