Certificate of Competence in 360 Imaging Operations

360 degree cameras used at scenes of crime and incidents

Technology has been moving at some speed for a time now and finally there is a set of cameras which are able to deliver full 360 degree crime scene graphics a court can understand.
When the laser devices were used to deliver in cases the judge often didn’t allow them to be used in the prosecution or defence evidence because it was thought the technology was not able to be defined to the jury, in enough detail in the required time.

Those days have gone and now we have cameras able to deliver similar functions, at respectable resolutions, in a fraction of the time, and at a much more sensible financial commitment.

But how do you use them?


Well that’s where Complete Forensics comes in…

A two day course in delivering 360 imaging to the criminal justice sector is now available at your location.
Using state of the art instruments as well as equipment you already hold in your photographic or forensic department Complete Forensics has the expertise to help you supply services to your investigation teams as well as the courts in an easy, financially sound and timely way.

The course delivers the following learning outcomes and mixes limited theory (as you are probably all photographers anyway*) with fully immersive hands on training.

Learning outcomes:

  • Theory of 360 imaging
  • 360 imaging for the criminal justice sector
  • Equipment used in 360 imaging
  • Operational 360 photography
  • Floor plans with 360 images
  • Evidential / Intelligence photography using 360 degree images

At the end of the course you will be able to complete an assessment of your capabilities to be awarded the

Certificate of Competence in 360 Imaging Operations



*Those without photography training can still attend but may face limitations and skills gaps.