Target Group: Members of the organisation who may be called on to advise, assist and/or work alongside emergency services and their multi agency partners in the management of major accidents/incidents at their workplace.

This course has been designed to follow on from the 1 day Major Incident Management Training course

Assessment; Continual Assessment

Trainer Ratio; 2 trainers – 8 candidates.

Course Outline
Practical Workshops’ Test the System
Practice and test taking into consideration:
• Procedures
• Identification and Role recognition
• Hard communication
• Interpersonal communication
• Information retrieval
• Interaction
• Dynamic risk assessments
• Emergency Incident Ethos

Course Facilitation
The course will be facilitated by two Training Consultants. They have a wealth of operational experience in the command and control functions and management of major emergency incidents, accidents and environmental catastrophes.

Contact hours; 5.

Certification; Test the Systems Scenario Training Certificate.

Price on application