Where can you go with a career in science? 

It is not all lab coats and goggles, conducting experiments on Bunsen burners and cabinets in the labs.

There are many roles and employment possibilities and most if not all can evolve into exciting careers.

Complete Forensics is proud to work with some brilliant partners across the UK one of which is Cogent Skills.

These are the Sector Skills Council for Science and as such invest into STEM in a massive way.

One feature of their work is identifying and pointing out careers to people who may not know where an individual qualification may take them, lets face it a degree in chemistry is basic but the roles and challenges it can open up are huge… But how do young people know this?

Until now there has been word of mouth and scouring the news papers for jobs.

Today we have online facilities and job boards but by far the best one I have yet found is the Career and Training Pathways tool from Cogent Skills.

By searching for a qualification or a role, you are able to see what paths may be open to you. You can see how careers in one field may cross with another meaning you are able to change jobs, roles and careers to suit your circumstances.

Click this image to visit the tool and make sure you let us know if it has been of value to you via our Facebook/Twitter accounts.