Lab Tech competition registration is open

Science laboratory technicians demonstrate technical competence in the use of complex instrumentation and laboratory equipment and are skilled in the use of particular techniques and procedures to solve practical problems through performing analyses, tests and measurements while ensuring safe and ethical working practices.

These skills are highly regarded by employers and as such a new WorldSkills UK competition is looking for competitors now!

The skills that are tested in the practical competition include:

  • Safe working in the lab
  • Preparing for and performing laboratory tasks
  • Using a range of laboratory equipment
  • Producing and recording data reliably and accurately
  • Analysing, interpreting and evaluating data
  • Trouble-shooting problems encountered in routinely performed activities

The tasks at the national qualifier can include activities from the following examples but might also include other tasks appropriate for Level 4:

  • Preparation of solutions and dilutions
  • Acid-base and redox reactions
  • Volumetric and potentiometric titrations
  • Separation of mixtures
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Organic synthesis and work-up of products
  • Purification and analysis of biological molecules and environmental contaminants

The registration for the Qualifier is open until 31 August and all the relevant details can be found at:


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