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It’s been a long while since I have written my thoughts out for you all to read.

Can I just add that the support you all show is incredible. Thank you 🙂

Well it’s nearly Christmas.

What are you hoping for from Santa? World Peace? No need for refugee centres? A new pair of socks?

I have no idea what i would like this year other than to be left alone by the idiots who plague our lives.

Lying, cheating people who would rob their own grandma before bedtime!  Why? What does it achieve? Nothing at all, does it?

People think they can get on with life by ruining others happiness just because it doesn’t fit in with their own way of thinking. Well this is the season to be jolly and as you are a right fat git who looks like Santa on speed you can get stuffed, just like the turkey.

We all want to better ourselves (well most of us) and we want to get on in life so how can we do that?

Firstly we need a mental attitude to say to ourselves that we WILL SUCCEED and Nobody is going to get in our way.

That will start the ball rolling and we can visualise where we want to be.

With good plans laid, suddenly, that far off place of happiness is nearer than ever before.

Sound advice and assistance from friends, family and business associates is very important even if its to reassure you that they talk crap and you were right in the first place. Obviously, that is not always the case and on lots of occasions they are right while you are wrong. But is there a right and wrong? Or is it one way or another?

Advice can come from any quarter and should be listened too. It is especially important from the guys and gals who work for you. Several of my previous employers have failed to listen to the workforce and as such now have no respect in the employees eyes. What should have been simple fixes have now turned into management / workforce battles…

I love the people around me who have to listen to my goings on… they really have to put up with loads of rubbish but occasionally I really do surprise myself with the way things turn out. Especially when they turn up for the good 🙂

The thoughts of an entrepreneur are often random and half filled out but they lead to much bigger and better things. They also enable this world to turn (think Richard Branson, Lord Sugar, etc)…

I for one have had many many thoughts over the years and have always confided in others… then those others use that same idea and walk all over you with it.

Yes that is life, but we can all change the way we live it.

So what are you? a thinker? a doer? or a hanger-on?

Most will be hangers-on not willing to put your money where your mouth is. not willing to try something new that may not have been done before. Then there are the inspirational few who will lay it all on the line and these are a mixture of thinkers / doer’s.

To them I say carry on, the world is a much poorer place without those willing to risk it all on the flip of a coin (yes it can come down to that) but thanks also to the hangers-on. Without you the rest of us would have no friends (like some we should could mention) or no one to spur us on to be different, and want to better ourselves.

Well that is enough for now. I have no idea if this makes sense but all the best to you, yes even you hangers-on who are ripping the heart out of the country with your lies and cheating… (and yes while God is great and will deal with you, you still have to help yourself while on this mortal earth to ensure you meet him in the end)…

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