Jack FIFA Warner, a trip to Grenada and me

Once upon a time……

Well it deserves to start like that but lets stick to the truth.

I worked for the Government of Trinidad & Tobago from 2006 to 2010. During that time I encountered murder and crimes that destroy your mind on a daily basis. All the while we were helping the then Government try to make it a better place to live. And even though I stand here today never wanting to return I firmly believe that Martin Joseph, the Minister of National Security, and Brigadier Peter Joseph (yes they are related), my commanding officer in SAUTT, did want to see a better Trinidad and Tobago, but they were always fighting a losing battle.

SAUTT stands for the Special Anti-crime Unit of Trinidad & Tobago. Made up of Police Officers and Service men and women who were known to be beyond the corruption (really?) that is epidemic in the country.

That battle was against the criminals. Those that controlled the country through their drugs, corruption and the murders they committed. These fed the lowlife, who actually committed the killings, protected and rejected by those they served, with drugs and handouts of cash.

Also prevalent in Trinidad & Tobago when we arrived were kidnappings. Used to demand huge payments from those that could afford to pay them. Thankfully this was virtually eradicated before the Governments changed over and people like FIFA Jack managed to gain a foothold in the countries powerhouse.

FIFA Jack, a man of African decent who lived in an area of mainly Indian settlers. Why? Because he wanted the finer things in life and the people with the Indian heritage knew how to work. They knew how to look after each other and would be more successful (generally) than those from an African background. Racism? You have not seen anything yet!

Once I left SAUTT many thought I was off working with Mr Lyder and Mr J Joseph. Nothing could be further than the truth because unlike their shifty handshake mate of Jon Gadd, I would not turn my eye to the blind side with their shift dealings. Instead I went to work for myself. With two friends who also got caught up in the whole mess through no fault of their own. To them I am sorry but they both made the best of things and as the company is still registered in Trinidad and the chap is still there he has a company he may not even know is still registered.Anyway Complete Policing Defence and Medical Solutions Ltd was formed to provide services to the Government, educators, officials and those that really needed it, the defence of those indited in the country.

The company had a very heavy policing background, together with military, medical and forensic science capabilities. These came from different areas of service but were all from the UK and had experience in the criminal justice system.

It was around this time, September 2010 that Miss Annabel Davis started to sniff around. Being the open warm type of people we are we let her in to our circle.

OMG What a (another) mistake!

She is the biggest snake in the grass in the world (well except FIFA Jack, and Lyder)……

OK that’s it for today, until next time x

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