Its been a long time…

since I posted anything on here.

This is mainly because I have been very busy but also because I became very paranoid with a number of my peers, both in the Police and Civilian life, here and in Trinidad.

Now I know I had every reason to be paranoid and they will get their just deserts.

The good news is I am back, My company will not fold even though con men try and rip you off. Creating many problems and by doing so cause so many people to lose homes, jobs and so much more.

Anyway, I have proved that hard work does pay off. Doing things the correct way works, cutting corners does not achieve anything because you WILL get caught out eventually.

So, the real news is my company, C.P.D.M.S. Ltd, has now achieved its next step in creating a global brand in Forensic Science with the awarding of the ability to deliver the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Science (Forensic Science).


This means we can share our knowledge with the next generation of learners and start creating delivery of course material that is fit for purpose not fit for a lab rat!

Degree courses in Forensic Science are not seen in the Forensic community as fit for purpose. Forensic Science companies recruit scientists from familiar disciplines and train them with forensic skills. You can never attend a course in Forensic Science and believe you will walk into a reporting officers/scientists role. But you can attend a BTEC and walk into a Crime Scene Investigators role, or a Lab Technicians role.

This is because organisations pay big money for degree trained staff. they will not pay big money for someone who has not proved themselves but has a degree. So, the answer is to work your way up in the company. Get a job with your BTEC which is an excellent starting qualification and then you will have the opportunity to complete a degree while you are working, gaining experience. Its win win.

Anyway, have a look at our course and see what you think.

Those in the Caribbean, we are brining this to you very soon so get in touch if you either want to complete it or want to help with our means to deliver….

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