Intern – al Change

Recently Complete Forensics has seen a number of changes and some are still to come.

These changes are being delivered by the main team and also a new Intern. 

Without Fionnghuala assisting we would have not been able to change so quickly and effectively. An Internship is designed to assist both the student and the organisation and we are really please that so far it has done.

As we progress I have asked Fionnghuala to write a short post about her experiences and at the end of the internship I hope to ask her to write another piece showing the changes she has encountered, the advantages and lessons for us all to learn regarding Internships. 

I’m Fionnghuala Hammon, I’m 19, and I am currently studying Forensic
Biology at Manchester Metropolitan University while also interning at Complete

My love for forensics started by watching countless numbers
of crime TV shows and seeing the amazing job of being a medical examiner or
crime scene investigator and while I knew this was glamourized for the sake of
entertainment, it sounded so interesting and from then on, I always dreamed of
a job in the forensics industry.  

Going through school I was never the best at science and
when coming to my year 9 GCSE exams I didn’t do so well. So, for the following
two years I studied BTEC Level 2 in Applied Science and I believe that this
made a huge impact into choosing science as a career and I finished with double
Distinction* which I was so proud of because as an average C student I couldn’t
believe that I got an equivalent to an A in a subject I used to be awful at.

Sixth form wasn’t an option with my BTEC qualification, so I
attended Chesterfield College to study a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in
Applied Science. This included 18 units of coursework to be completed over the
course of two years in all the core science topics. Before completing the
course my career choices included Animal Welfare, Marine Biology, Biomedical
Science, and Forensic Science. These courses sounded great but Forensics had
always appealed to be the most because it wasn’t all science, there were more
skills to learn, more practical opportunities and to be honest it looked the
most interesting.  

The past year and a half at university has been tough but I
have thoroughly enjoyed all the forensic aspects to the course including
photography, casting footwear marks, tool marks, bagging up evidence, doing
vehicle searches, blood pattern analysis and fingerprint lifts. The best thing
about this course is that everything you learn can be applied to the real work
that I will hopefully go into soon.

My career goal, as I’m sure many other forensic students
goal also is, is to work in crime scene investigation. While I know, it is a
tough job to get I am up for the challenge. I also hope to work with forensic
organisations such as LGC Forensics and Cellmark Forensics to boost my skills
and introduce me to the Forensic Science Industry.

I am looking forward to finishing my degree and starting my
career in forensic science.

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