The Armed Forces Covenant & Complete Forensics C.I.C.

Complete Forensics C.I.C. is a company with a history and background in H.M. Armed Forces

We have seen the desire to serve for over a quarter of a century first hand and with family and friends that service history extends to many hundreds of years.

In a similar fashion we have seen the full effects of war and conflict not just on service personnel but their families. Children and spouses need vital help if a family member has a mental health issue or a physical injury, or quite often both.

So Complete Forensics is proud to dedicate our work towards those who have served and their families.

Our Covenant declaration is held by the MOD and able to be viewed on the Government website.

This last point is vital. Veterans are not asking for everything on a plate. They expect to work and play hard, but sometimes, through no fault of their own, the service they delivered to our country has caused them some discomfort. This can be financially, socially, health or any other number of ways. And we believe the best way to help them is to get stuck in and work with them.