Complete Forensics C.I.C. is a community interest company designed to deliver science education especially forensic science education in the UK.

A C.I.C. is a legal entity in the UK designed to act for the good of the community.

As a legal company it has obligations but is limited in the payments to directors and the assets held are locked to the enterprise.

A C.I.C. is different to a charity and the Government helps provide information on those differences available to you here.

Our mission is defined in our memorandum of articles and our company filings are available on the C.I.C. Regulators site.

Complete Forensics is always on the lookout for partnerships with companies and individuals. We are lucky that we can discuss terms and if needed always release equity to raise capital (should that ever be needed). What is important is that the communities we serve get the access to science and that relevant, industry led education they are entitled to.

After all, it is in our DNA.