Help us raise some money

What wait… Complete Forensics needs cash? Why didn’t you say so… Said nobody ever…

Well we do. We are looking to purchase a UV/VIS Spectrometer to use in our activities, displays and events.

It will be used to inspire generations of new scientist and help young people see that science is not all maths and fiddling numbers it is actually a lot of fun, experimenting and working things out.

The UV/VIS we are looking at costs in the region of £7000 and we DO NOT WANT YOU TO PUT YOUR HAND IN YOUR OWN POCKET…

Yes you read that right, all we want you to do is while shopping on the internet which we all do now, add the Easy Fundraising app, or browser helper and it will automatically help us get funds from leading websites such as EBay, Amazon, M&S and many more.

We get a donation when you shop and you pay nothing more.

It is that easy and it will help us deliver for free to groups such as Funky Fitness and Fun, a group with SEND members or the Cubs, Scouts, Guides and Brownies, or your group of future scientists…

Click here to get the donation reminder and when you are shopping we can get some help.

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