Help for who?

First there was the Royal British Legion and SSAFA, the Army Benevolent Fund and some more. Doing their good for the ex Services community.

Then came Help for Heroes. They have changed the whole game and despite lots of press, both good and bad, they are still going strong delivering lots to the communities. If you fit their criteria of course. If you don’t there is no need to worry because there are many other charities out there, including the ones mentioned above, who can and will help you.

Then there are the hangers on. The walts (someone pretending to be something they are not) and those who want to capitalise on everyone else.

And they come in all shapes and sizes, from individuals to charities (allegedly), to companies and social enterprises.

This evening one decided to email everyone who has signed up to the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant. This is the version of the Community Covenant that companies sign up to and pledge to look favourably after the forces and their families. And quite rightly so (although they should do this as a matter of course anyway but that’s another grip for another day).

There are those who want to help the forces and there are those that want to take the piss and run off with pockets full of money.

They offered to help me as a signature of the Corporate Covenant to recruit members of this valuable community to work for me. That’s very nice of them isn’t it. Pity they are only doing it so they can then charge me for the privilege. It is generally between 10% to 25% of a persons first year wage these bloodsuckers take. Which is a lot of money.

Well Mr Clown, I have a Facebook Group of over 27000 members all working to help each other into jobs, all giving their time and help FOR FREE. So why on earth would you be able to do anything for me or anyone else?

If you want to get your jobs out to the ex Services Community, let me know and I will send it in seconds to over 27000 members across the UK. There are even groups in Australia, the USA and Germany who are associated to us. FOR FREE

Secondly, when I ask you to not email me or my company again WHY would you then do so straight away saying I am rude? You are rude taking details off the Covenant website and blind emailing everyone. I wish I had not bothered replying because when I didn’t reply the second time you called me on my company number and swore at me. Well sorry Mr Clown, I am not caring for your tactics or attitude and I doubt very much we will ever meet because if I found out I was in the same room as you I would leave. Like the email, I don’t need to read it, speak to you or even see you. I asked you not to contact me and you immediate came back to me. You are in breach of Data Regulations and have been reported. Mr Clown.

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