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Those that know me will know that the last year has been tough on my family and myself.

After the problems with my son’s eyes and all the trouble that brought with it, fighting the school etc, we then found out I had a tumour in my left eye.

Now don’t all rush at once and say, “I havent got one of those” It’s not the type of thing you can pass round, ok?

You don’t want this Christmas present.

BUT I do want something from you and it’s not your sympathy…

You will see on the left side of my blog, just under my twitter feeds there is an area called Socialvibe.

This is a charitable organisation and you can help it by sitting for two minutes and watching a video (I keep the sound off), and while you watch just click a couple of questions, you can help in the fight against cancer.

That’s all you have to do.

Every time you do that the sponsors will donate enough money to fund cancer research for two minutes.

I have watched three times now and I would like to encourage you all to donate a little time (it’s not even your hard-earned cash I’m after) to this cause.

You can see on the image in this post to see what you need to click on, just down on the left of my blog.

thank you

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