Hello Sunday

Blimey! What a week! In fact what a month June was.

With the heats for the Worldskills UK competition in London and Preston, Have a Go events across the North West and as far as Liverpool & Bradford, and the FORREST Conference, delivering presentations at both the FORREST and at the regional AAPT conference in London we have been really busy. Oh I nearly forgot the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (how could I forget such an esteemed group of professionals?).

But there is so much more to tell you that I could never fit it in.

We met some exceptional people at the FORREST Conference including Professor Angela Gallop, Dr David Klatzow from South Africa.

We made a video and comic book with the students from the Manchester Communication Academy to show skills and knowledge recognised by employers.


At the Chartered Society we were looking at ways to ensure students leave courses with the necessary skills required by the employers and it was great to meet Dr Roger King from Key Forensics and everyone else who gave so much valuable insite to your work.  I hope we can help these young people get the right qualifications before they hit the job market.

On that subject one thing I am asked by friends and those that don’t know me, but want information on studies in Forensic Science, is What qualifications do I need to get on a Forensic Science Course and then employment.

I only have one thing to say and that is DO NOT ATTEND A FORENSIC SCIENCE COURSE unless you are sure it will lead to a job.

The Forensic Science employers want scientists. They will then train them in the forensic aspect of their job. Physics and Chemistry are showing shortages in industry.

If you train as a scientist you can move throughout industry doing many different roles, including forensics. But if you are only trained in Forensics without the deep rooted aspects of the science not one employer will great you, because they then have to train you to the required standard again.

Police Forces and others who employ people without a degree still want someone who is vocationally motivated. Courses that can underpin this include the Forensic Science degree courses but also BTEC Applied Science (Forensic Science) and also the five GCSE at C grade you need to enter those workplaces.

I am really sorry if this is news and destroys anyone’s hope and dreams (we all have those) but don’t let it, just use what I have said as a kick start and get the job the right way.

Be as good as you can be, be the master of your destiny, be relentless……


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