He Didn't Do It!

How on earth are we ever going to stop wrongful convictions?
Not only does it rob free people of their lives, not only does it allow rapists and murderers to walk free, to carry out their attacks again, but it will cost millions in retrials and compensation claims (justified in my book)…..

This is the report from the BBC.

I firmly believe that Police Forces are there to keep the piece. They no longer have the confidence of the public to carry out investigations. Their abilities are lacking. They have formed this mindset that “They are the Police and should always be obeyed because they are right”.

Is what I have said above fair? On comparison probably not, well not to all of them.

There are some brilliant Coppers up and down this country of ours. But there are some who firmly believe they are always right and the public have no idea. Well I am sorry, the public DO have an idea, and most of the time its justified and certainly worth looking into.

I have some very good friends who are coppers and ex coppers. I also know some of the bullies…. and they are just that thinking they are above the law, or that what they say is not worth investigating is just that, not worth it.

But if they DID investigate then these disgusting perverts would not be roaming the streets now.
Oxford, Rochdale, Cllr Smith, Mstr Saville / Clifford / Glitter / and the rest, including the scum four doors from my house who the Police decided was more vulnerable than the young girls on my street, who range in age from 2 to 17.

He abused his trust to try and groom a young lady but she was of right mind and reported it to her parents. The Police were called in and although one officer took an 8 page statement of evidence, the case was shelved….

Leaving a pervert still living in four doors of his victim, and within easy reach of at least 10 younger girls.

As for the Community Policeman or Neighbourhood Officer who sat on my couch and stated, “I have a 15 year old daughter and suddenly she has breasts, I have no idea where from they were just there”, That is not helping resolve a situation, in fact I think you have no idea.

So the report to the police complaints was filed.

Then another one because that was not responded too, and a year later we are STILL without a call back that was promised.

Greater Manchester Police this is you!

So if you can not get this right… how will you ever be trusted by the public to get ANY investigation right?


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