Having a Go…

Today we visited St Thomas Roman Catholic School in Denton to deliver have a go events in CSI and First Aid.
Blimey, it was very busy and as usual we didn’t have enough time to tell everyone what they need to know about career pathways in science.
We have now delivered these to about 2200 students in schools in Greater Manchester and for all the trouble ordering and getting the kit (which is really easy with our very helpful kit suppliers) to getting the team together and then standing delivering the same thing non stop for six to eight hours, it really is worth it.
If we can point one student in the right direction, or get one student to achieve then we have done our job.

These young people need to be able to make the right choices now for an effective future in our industry, otherwise it will be filled by either the wrong people, at the wrong stage of development or the right people but they will still be doing what we are now when they are our age. The idea should be they will do what we are doing now when they are young and by the time they are our age they should be striding forward so much more.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the Manchester Central event we attended a few weeks ago.
All the photos belong to Manchester City Council and have been reproduced with their permission and that of each child or family and school.






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GARY MEDICAL low res smaller

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