Have you seen my generator?

I know I am away from the office this week which is why I have been absent from posting on this blog but I had to bring you this little snippet of information as it made me laugh again.

Talk about incompetence!!!


$75,000 generator stolen from SAUTT

Wednesday, February 16 2011

POLICE from Northern Division are investigating the disappearance of an electrical generator worth $75,000 from the compound of the Special Anti-Crime Unit (SAUTT) offices in Cumuto.

Newsday was told that SAUTT officials realised the generator was missing two days ago and following an unsuccessful search, reported the theft to police.

This is the second industrial equipment/machinery to go missing from SAUTT’s compound in over two years.

It was reported that a CAT 320BL excavator valued $100,000 was seized by lawmen on January 14, 2009, at Block Three, Wallerfield.

The operator of the equipment was arrested and charged, while the machinery was taken to SAUTT’s compound at Wallerfield, where it was kept. The excavator was owned by Central businessman Babram Sookoo of Endeavour, Chaguanas.

A magistrate later ordered the equipment released to its owner. Sookoo went to the SAUTT compound to collect his excavator but it could not be found. A further check at the guard booth revealed that the diary and records relating to the particular month of January 2009 were also missing.

On June 8 2010, a letter was sent to the former Director of SAUTT Brigadier Peter Joseph to return the excavator within seven days or pay full compensation to its owner.


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