Hands on and real

Hands on and real

So you have been on your college or degree course using the wonderful equipment in the labs (or not) providing analysis of different types of compounds or molecules but now you want to put these skills into practice and find out how they are used in the real world of forensic science…

No disrespect to your lecturer or tutors but in reality what you are taught has to fit in with the curriculum and might be far different to what is carried out in the chemical labs up and down the country.

Why not have a go yourself?  Gaining hands on experience with fume cupboards, fingerprint down draft benches, alternate light sources and fuming chambers is what you need now to show your prospective employer that you can start working right away, with minimal supervision.

This is the course for you.

Complete Forensics has joined with Fumecare and DefSec Global to provide the highest quality training with modern cutting edge equipment, in a safe secure facility in the North West of England.

Booking onto this course will provide you with skills and opportunities that you will not get elsewhere. With industry professionals who have experience dealing with all facets of the criminal justice system involving forensic science.

If you would like to know more follow this link here 

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