Google+, is it a revelation?

Well I was one of the first on Google+ and I must admit it is refreshing. It’s clean and new, and crisp and bright.

I have the amazing ability to follow (as in a twitter sense) people I have never heard of and interact with heroes and inspirational people on a level I never thought possible. Who would have thought I, TriniCSI, would be in a peer group with Sir Richard Branson? Who would have thought he would be in one with me? lol

This new fad may seem like it wants to take over the world (I think it does), but it is going about it in a way the other social media products have not. They have a foundation and built on it, while Google is building a social layer onto the foundations it had previously, while reinventing them at the same time. Gmail gets upgraded, Picasa gets a makeover, Bloggers will soon have some news (speculation here) that they can cheer about and I am sure Google will carry on with these upgrades.

With a single web page to read my mail, check in with my friends, meet people like Sir Richard, write documents, collaborate with the whole world in creating a document… the world is better for G+.
Facebook and Twitter have their place, don’t get me wrong. Games can stay on Facebook and you can read about those friends who you haven’t seen since high school, but didn’t like them then anyway. Twitter is great for immediate interaction, comments and conversations on the fly, but G+ seems to do more, with ease.

It’s breaking down barriers and joining the community it is creating like nothing else. I love seeing the work of the people I have in my circles. I enjoy learning new things every day but I also like the ability to be able to communicate with who I want to communicate with, when I want.

Sharing of photos becomes second nature, and lets your spark ignite through being able to see and read about other people who have amazing talents (Trey Ratcliff is one such person). But best of all Google+ has really gone open source. Because all of these people are now connecting with complete strangers, who are not afraid to talk to each other, no intimidation or imitation, but can now really add “code” to each other’s lives.

If you want to know something and ask a question on Facebook you will get humour and some answers from friends. On twitter you get the short answer and a web link, on G+ you not only get answers from your friends, but total strangers who have masses of knowledge, get in on the act, comment and pass their knowledge to you, true open source sharing of knowledge for no cost. Isn’t that what the web is about? I like it and hope it does soon open for the masses; it’s a revelation in our time.

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