Gold and Silver to find blood…

Ths in the know already ‘know’ that precious metals are used in the recovery of fingerprints during the Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD) process, and while it is expensive there has to be a pay off to find the evidence that can bring justice to someone who has been made a victim.

But now an Israeli University has realised that adding very small particles of gold and silver to a luminol mixture can also help visualize the blood left at crime scenes.

If you remember back a number of years the blood of Lynne White was discovered behind a skirting board some 30 years after the crime – well that was luminol.

Adding the metal particles helps extend the light displayed by the chemical reactions allowing you to see more evidence.

The gallery below shows images from a crime scene I attended. The first image is the area before the luminol was applied. The second image shows the luminol in the dark on a 30 second open shutter, while the third one is exactly the same as the second one, but with a single flash from a camera flashlight at 30 seconds. That allowed us to not only see the luminol for recovery and story telling purposes but it also showed the court exactly where the luminol reaction was.

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