Get a job

Get a job

People often ask me how to get into the different roles in science and forensic science and one of the best ways is to increase your network of professionals you work with.

That way people can see you are knowledgeable in your field and can get things done.

Obvuiously voluntering is one way to do that but you need to also make enough money to live off.

Well WorldSkills UK Training Managers are a mixture of both.

The organisation runs WorldSkills UK competitions that compete in the international arena. They also run the WorldSkills Live platform including engaging with Competition Organising Partners (such as us) to deliver the National Competitions from qualifiers to the finals.

Vicky Black 2017 Gold Medal winner with lead judge Sue Carney

Training Managers are experts in their field. They help the competitors who have been selected to compete internationally and help add to their training so the UK can not only win at these huge competitions but also to help increase education and training around the UK.

With so many changes happening in the world the UK needs to increase the levels of competence in industry. This means challenging the status quo and raising the standards in education to help industry evolve and deliver.

So if you are an expert in Digital Forensics or Laboratory Management then get involved and get your name out there. The posts are available NOW so whats stopping you Getting that Job?

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