Genealogy and Forensic Science

Genealogy and Forensic Science

My wife loves looking into our family history and has already found 32000 links to my DNA on

32000! That’s amazing and these go from my father through to cousins 8 times removed on both my mother’s and my father’s side of the genetic line.

How do I know the information I have supplied will be used for good?

Well in the first instance I had to give my permission for it to be used in making up the whole planet DNA, teaching us all about the way we have over populated this fine planet.

Then I have no choice but to rely on the good honest intentions of Ancestry because they hold that data and with it the ability to pass to law enforcement or those in the medical fields (both ethical or not).

In the USA things are always moving faster than the UK and a killer has been sentenced to two life sentences for murder.

With the ‘Golden State Killer’ and about 70 others having now been found through genetic linkage is it right that law enforcement have the ability to search these records?

To put a killer away yes without a doubt and those who do not commit crime have no worries about being subjected to an investigation, or do they???

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